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5 Lessons From Hon. Aponkye’s Journey To Fame


It is often said that, certain misfortunes are a blessing in disguise. A typical example is Honorable Aponkye’s journey to stardom.

Honorable  Aponkye, known in real life as Nana Adabo Ibrahim Issa Ampem is fast becoming a household name in Ghana after he contested for an Assemblyman at Nima Adukrom  Electoral Area and lost woefully during the 2020 District Assembly Elections. The most surprising of it all was his weekly Twitter and Instagram trends when he wasn’t even on both platforms.

1. Hon. Aponkye is Goal Oriented

Albert Einstein once said ,  “if you want to live a happy life tie it to a goal not to people or things”.  Most people would consider Hon. Aponkye as a Comedian or someone with unrealistic expectations, perhaps a drowning man clutching at a straw for survival but one thing no one can ever dispute is he is a goal oriented person. He had a goal, that is to become an Assemblyman at his Electoral Area, Nima Adukrom in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Let’s all endeavor to be goal oriented because that’s the first step towards greatness.

2. Ability To Take Initiative and Perseverance

Mr Ampem did not sit on his goals but he courageously picked a form to contest for the election. He was denied at his first and 2nd attempts but that never deterred him. He persevered and gave it the 3rd shot that granted him the opportunity to contest.

Is there something you have planned to do but stopped after the first unsuccessful attempt? Pick a lesson from Hon. Aponkye.

3. Strategic Thinking

Mr. Adabo’s  choice of nickname or emblem ”Aponkye” was strategic. He metaphorically linked his character to that of a goat. I’m not sure the name would have been this catchy if it were not to be in the Akan dialect. No wonder the name “Aponkye” became the deal breaker for him.

The lesson to draw from this is; Don’t only have a plan,  have a strategic plan.

4. When Opportunity Meets Preparedness

When opportunity meets preparation, the result becomes success. Hon. Aponkye’s preparation towards the election by the use of flyers met his Destiny Helper, Nana Aba Anamoah’s curiosity.He was the first Aspiring Assemblyman to be interviewed by the Ace Broadcaster, Nana Aba Anamoah on her show, State of Affairs on Ghone TV.

5. Failure is Never a Reason to Quit

Failure is a stepping stone to success as long as you learn from it. Even though Honorable Aponkye did not win the election as he expected, his failure became a stepping stone to success in other areas he never envisioned.

Let these five lessons inspire you to go after your goals with all that you can. Maybe you might not meet your Destiny helper like him but who knows you can become a Destiny Helper to someone one day.


Kplorm is a Bibliophile and a Technology Enthusiast. She has an appreciable exposure in the fields of Accounting, Finance, Auditing and Teaching. She believes that we all have within us the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.

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