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Funny Face And Lilwin Smoke The Peace Pipe.

 After several months of banter, which led to shocking revelations between the two comic actors, Funny Face and Lilwin yesterday decided to let sleeping dogs lie.

On yesterday’s edition of United Showbiz hosted by Nana Ama Mcbrown, the show didn’t get the very warm reception it always got from the onset as Funny Face couldn’t stand the sight of colleague actor, Lilwin. Thanks to Bulldog (who literally took a punch from Funny Face) and counselor Adumatta, the situation was brought to a calm.  Funny Face recounts all the pain he’s had to endure because of Lilwin, latest of which was Adebayor unfollowing him on all media platforms.

Over several discussions, Counselor Adumatta made it very clear that depression is a serious condition and should not be taken lightly, taking into consideration the state it had taken the two comic actors into.

All said and done, the two actors apologized to each other and to their followers for the hurt they may have caused them. Funny Face used the opportunity to plead with Ghanaians to purchase his latest album dubbed ‘Animal kingdom’ to support him build his funny world project. Lilwin also pleaded with Adebayor to follow back funny face beacuse they have settled their differences.


Watch full video below:




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